Reads: Sisterland

Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld source I waited patiently for Sisterland. As a newer release it had a long list of holds at the library. Knowing it would come soon, I tried to speed through any books I currently had through the library. When a book is on hold you have it for just three weeks […]

Reads: Sugar in the Blood

Sugar in the Blood: A Family’s Story of Slavery and Empire by Andrea Stuart We talk a lot about race in America and it is very easy to forget the entire picture of slavery in the New World. Andrea Stuart’s writing helps to put it in perspective. The descendant of a European immigrant to Barbados […]

Five Months

It has been five months since he left Mom. Two months after I had my own wedding, he walked out on my mom. I can count the number of times he’s gotten in contact with me on one hand. I would still have fingers left over. I turned 30 in November, and he didn’t acknowledge […]

Too Familiar

I got the new Menomena album. My husband and I listened to it as background noise as we read on the couch that night. Later that week, in the car, I heard this song. Very familiar to what has been happening these days.


I take care of a 5-year-old. It’s my job. I also take care of a three-year-old. This is, you know, part of my job. The girls are professionals at throwing tantrums. My tantrum philosophy is Ignore It. When you Ignore It, you are telling the child that they can’t use that means of communication. I’ve […]

It’s a Woman’s World

I get really nervous in womanly places. Not the woman aisle in the store, or among a group of women I know. Instead, I get nervous heading into salons. I feel uneasy in places that require femininity. Oh, I know femininity has nothing to do with clothes and hair and we’re all very much evolved […]

An Honest Life

Eleven years ago I called up a boy and asked him to take a walk with me. I had a serious crush on this boy, and the phone call from my dorm room to his was prefaced by shaking hands and deep breaths. I’m positive he knew what was happening, what this was about, but […]