Reads: Sisterland

by Curtis Sittenfeld

I waited patiently for Sisterland. As a newer release it had a long list of holds at the library. Knowing it would come soon, I tried to speed through any books I currently had through the library. When a book is on hold you have it for just three weeks with no option for renewal. I wanted nothing to get in my way of finishing this book. Thankfully, nothing did, and frankly, it would have been quite difficult for anything to come between me and finishing this book in three weeks. Because I was so engrossed, it only took just over one. I was a little uneasy at first, but soon the pace picked up and I could see the story coming together.

Much shorter than Prep and much simpler than American Wife, Sisterland pulls together the story of two sisters, which I assume you figured out already. These two sisters have premonitions, feelings, visions, of things to come. How they each deal with this gift is the groundwork for the novel. The book surprises at the end, by turning what was a book about premonitions into a book about the realities of life. Sittenfeld has a talent for bringing out the emotions of the day to day and the intricacies of relationship. She showed that in American Wife quite well, and she still brings it to the table in Sisterland.


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